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Welcome to Pathways of California’s career site!   If you are passionate about helping others and enthusiastic about your future, we want you to join our team!

Pathways is seeking an innovative and purpose-driven individual to join our team as a Part-Time Peer Navigator.

San Diego First Responder’s Behavioral Health Program is a peer-supported First Responder helpline and educational services to increase access to mental health and substance disorder services for first responders in San Diego County, and reduce the stigma and barriers associated with accessing such services.



A Peer Navigator has direct lived experience as a First Responder, has a family of origin member as a First Responder or has extensive
experience working directly with First Responders. Peer Navigators are fully integrated team members who provide highly
individualized services and have the innate ability to build trust and relationships with callers. The insight resulting from this
relationship is extremely useful in encouraging continued follow through with accessing services and taking a step toward the callers

Essential Duties/Responsibilities

  • Carry out duties as a member of the team, under the direction of the Program Manager. Specific job responsibilities will vary
    depending on education and experience.

  • Use of a personal vehicle is required. May be asked to attend outreach events.

  • Perform navigation and linkage for callers, problem solving options, provide follow-up, as well as offer encouragement.

  • Support and communicate with callers timely to answer questions, while making a difference in our Call Center/Caller
    Relationships. Answer calls immediately and provide professional/supportive support while providing referrals/ linkages

  •  Provide practical help and mentoring, advocacy, coordination, individualized support, problem solving and direct assistance
    to help callers obtain the necessary services.

  • Develop effective working relationships with agencies and organizations to advocate for First Responders.

  • Document all activities as required.

  • Maintain and ensures HIPAA, ethical standards and professional boundaries with all staff and clients.

  • Other duties assigned or necessary to support the program and/or the company.

Recovery Requirements

  •  Provide the best customer care possible.

  •  Identify and build upon the strengths of clients, coworkers, and the communities we serve.

  •  Support clients’ steps toward Recovery and Wellness.

  •  Create an organizational culture that respects and celebrates the diversity of our clients.

  • Value learning as an ongoing process that enables us to better serve our consumers and establishes our leadership in the

  •  Research and utilize our industry’s best practices and analyze our own services to ensure the best possible outcomes.

  •  Provide outreach and develop relationships with community partners Works under direct supervision from the Program Manager.

Education/Licensing Requirements

Education and/or Experience

  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED) required with computer or business courses.

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required.

  • Lived experience as a first responder or has family members as a first responder. Preferred history of being a consumer of
    mental health and/or substance use services.
    Certificates, Licenses, Registrations

  • Proof of: valid California driver’s license and auto insurance, as well as proof of education are required. Prior behavioral health experience is preferred.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Knowledge of ways to encourage the First Responder community to accept opportunities for assistance with community
    providers to explore and regain strengths, skills, and/or talents that may be inherent in individual consumers and to become
    more social, through community events and outings, as well as within the program’s internal activities.

  •  Skills to provide essential expertise and consultation to the First Responder community, to promote a culture in which each
    callers’ preferences are recognized, understood, respected

  •  Knowledge of community resources and connections and experience working with peers.

  • Excellent organizational skills, interpersonal skills, and communication skills are a must.

  •  Basic-Intermediate computer skills.

  •  Ability to effectively prioritize and manage time.

  •  Ability to develop and maintain strong working and professional relationships with a wide range of community agencies and

  • Knowledge of how to obtain and record accurate information for case documentation and other reports.

  • Knowledge of the needs and difficulties faced by consumers

  •  Possess effective oral and written communication skills.

  •  Ability to communicate the First Responder experience and perspective at all levels within the mental health system and the

Physical Requirements

  • Primarily Remote Position. May be called to work from an office or attend required in-office staff meetings based on need.
       Requires extensive sitting with periodic standing and walking.

  • May be required to lift and/or move up to 20 pounds.

  • Requires significant use of a computer, tablet, phone and/or general office equipment.

  •  Needs adequate visual acuity, and ability to grasp and handle objects.

  •  Needs the ability to communicate effectively through reading, writing, and speaking in person or on the telephone.

  •  Will require outreach, engagement, training and education to groups of First Responder organizations

  •  Will use personal car or vehicle as required for travel and/ or transportation.

  •  May travel for meetings, training, etc. as needed.

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