Impact of COVID-19 on 

First Responders 

This webinar includes family members of active First Responders and Behavioral Health Specialists who discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on the First Responder family. Understand the impact the additional stress, anxiety, fear and trauma has on the wellbeing of the Family System. Learn strategies and tips for initiating conversations around mental health and substance use for any member of the First Responder family. Learn what resources are available to assist family members in seeking services for themselves and/or their First Responder.


Impact of COVID-19 on Vulnerable Populations

Listen to an active discussion on the impact COVID 19 has on the Emotional and Behavioral Health of First Responders. Understand how behavioral health related concerns impact work, family life and overall well-being.

Learn how to identify signs that a First Responder, family member or co-worker is experiencing difficulty coping and managing stress, anxiety, trauma and burnout.

Learn what you, your family member or

co-worker can do to get confidential help.


Impact of COVID-19 on First Responder Families

Listen to an active discussion on what populations are at most risk in your communities to experience a greater impact as a result of COVID-19. Learn about the increase of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders and how this may impact interactions with these populations.

Learn strategies and tips for understanding and interacting with these populations to promote positive outcomes when providing necessary and life sustaining services.